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Watch Bizarre, strange, amazing animal hybrids that you didnt know actually exist! From Ligers to Tigons, these are the top 10 Animal Hybrids. Its the amazing animal hybrid version of WTF is it Wednesday!!! So lets get started..these are 10 Bizzare, Strange, magnificent animal hybrids that actually exist. 10: Beefalo Do you want a burger that has less fat, less cholesterol but higher in protein? Well then meet the Beefalo!!! Some people call them cattalo, but Beefalo is a better name 09 Savanna Cat The next mind-blowing animal hybrid creation on the list is the Savanna Cat. In 1986 Judee Frank apparently got bored with her own life and decided to play matchmaker to a Serval and a domestic cat. The product of this match was given the name of Savannah, hence the name Savannah Cat. In 2001 the International Cat Association, the largest group of crazy cat ladies in America recognized the breed. In 2012, they gave it championship status. 08 Zony This bundle of cuteness is a Zony. Zonies are a zebroid, which is any offrpsing you get when you mate a zebra and any other kind of equine. But a zony in particular are specifically a cross between a male zebra and female pony 07 Wholphin Next up on our list is the Wholphin. Wholpins are the product of a False Killer Whale dad and a bottlenosed dolphin mom. One interesting note about these creatures is that a bottled nosed dolphin has 88 teeth, false killer whales 44, but the Wholphin has 66. The first ever recorded wholphin was born at SeaWorld in Tokyo, but he only lived for about 200 days. Currently, there is only one alive in captivity, and thats a Sea Life Park in Hawaii. 06 Jaglion This marvelous animal hybrid creature is a Jaglion, Jahzarra and her brother Tsunami were born at the Bear Creek Wildlife Sanctuary in Barrie Canada in 2006. They are also called jaguons. Jaglions are the offspring created when a male jaguar and female lion mate. 05 Zonkey This adorable little guy is a Zonkey Zonkeys, like the Zony is a zebroid and occur when you breed a male Zebra and female donkey. Wile they physically resemble the donkey mama, they do favor their daddy with the zebra stripes 04 Grolar Bear The Grolar Bear is what you get when you mate a grizzly bear and a polar bear. For the longest time, these creatures were just part of myth and legend. That is until a DNA test in 2006 confirmed them as real. 03 Tigon Feast your eyes on this, the Tigon! Now does that name sound like it comes straight out of a fantasy film? These marvelous monsters are created by breeding a male tiger and a female lion They have physical characteristics from both their parents, but their manes, if they have one are usually smaller than a lions and they never grow larger than their parents because the they inherit growth inhibitory genes from mama. 02 LEOPON Leopon is what you get when you breed a male leopard with a lioness. The first recorded leopon goes all the way back to Kolhaupur India in 1910. unlike Lions, leopons are good climbers. Their bodies may physically resemble a leopard with their spots, but are usually larger than a leopard with a head similar to a lions. These beautiful beasts usuallly only occur in captivity, you most likely wont find them in the wild. 01 Ligre And now for the most bizarre, strange but amazing animal hybrid on our list. The liger!!! Take 1 male lion, and 1 female tiger. Light some candles, put on some Justin Bieber and you get something like Hercules! Hercules is probably the most famous of Ligers. These cats are the largets known cat in the world with Hercules weighing over 920 pounds and most ligers reaching lengths of almost 12 feet. Think about that. Your bedroom ceiling is about 10 feet high. That means the average Ligers head would break through that crap like that Jerk Kool-aid guy who has destroyed literally 1,000s of homes hawking his diabetes inducing sugar spiked flavored water. Someone needs to stop this monster, he s the leading factor in juvenile diabetes and homelessness...dont sue me Koolaid Guys people..these are just jokes. Sorry back to the Liger. The liger is so majestic, and so magical that even Napoleon Dynamite mentioned him in the movie...well..Napoleon Dynamite. And to top it all off, just like all the others on this list, the liger is 100% real! Lets Connect -- -- -- Our Other Channels: - Always Angela: - Hoax Factor VLOGS:

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