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Watch Were GIVING AWAY 2 FREE IPAD MINI 4s!!! Enter here: (contest details at the end of the video) Thank you guys SO much for supporting us all the way to 100K+ subscribers!!! T___T This is absolutely incredible. We are humbled and truly grateful. Well put all our effort into continuing to improve so we can make even better videos for you guys :( SEE YOU AT 200K!!! v_( ̄︶ ̄)_v 真的非常感謝大家的支持,讓我們突破10萬訂閱啦!!! 小小三人團隊能來到今天全因為有各位,我們會繼續努力進步,拍攝創作更多更好的影片給大家的!! 我們20萬見~!! (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡ Lets be friends :) ►YOUTUBE ►WEIBO ►FACEBOOK ►INSTAGRAM ►TWITTER ---------- Cast members featured: Lisha - Jianing - Lena - Allen - Directed and edited by Terry He Subtitles by Alex Zhao, Howard Cheng, and Terry He Special thanks to for supporting us and for sponsoring this video.

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