Click to Watch in HD > 10句常用英文#5【購物衣服篇】// 10 English Phrases: Shopping for Clothes

Watch 人人都愛購物,所以就誕生了逛街時需要知道的購物英文!這次主要是會環繞在買衣服的主題上,快把這些學起來去血拼吧!!! 訂閱阿滴英文 ▶ 支持阿滴英文 ▶ 1. It’s a little pricey! 2. It’s 10% off! 3. I’m just browsing. 4. Can I try this on? 5. Where’s the fitting room? 6. What a steal! (註: 因為便宜到像是偷來的免費東西,所以用steal一字形容) 7. Do you have this in stock? (註: Stock 是庫存的意思) 8. Do you take credit cards? 9. Can I have a refund? 10. I would like to speak to the manager. 上一部影片 英文歌分享#5 Fight Song 下一部影片 敬請期待! 更多阿滴: 合作邀約:[email protected]

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