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Watch 2016.04.01 RELEASE -Credits- 10cm members 권정열, 윤철종 producer / 10cm music and words by 10cm arrangement by 10cm, 이요한 and 이윤혁 performing by 권정열 / vocals, background vocals 윤철종 / acoustic guitar, background vocals 이요한 / keyboards 이윤혁 / percussions 성수용 / background vocals Management / Magic Strawberry Sound Supervisor /홍달님 Chief A and R / 이현진 (Neil Lee) Manager / 안성문, 정준구, 한정현 A and R / 김은마로 Press / 최혜미 Artwork and design / 강동훈, 양서로 M/V Production / 오전(오재헌) @ 넥스트레벨, 최강훈 @ 최강필름 Official Commentary / 김지웅 (Poclanos) publishing / POCLANOS 10cm official site - 10cm official facebook -

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