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Watch The 11th season of the Controversial Reality show Big Boss will start soon. Like the 10th season, this time too will be seen in celebrity and non celebrity content shows. As far as celebrity is concerned, there are reports that this season, the show Jamai Rajas actress Nia Sharma is also going to be partisapat and they have been offered two crore rupees for this. However, there is no reaction of Nia on this. Lets say that Niha is currently a contestant of reality show Khatron Ke Khil 8. Non-celebrity will not get this time fee Like this last season, this time also there will be celebrity and non celebrity contests at the show but this time this has been added to the contract of a shocking clause show for non celebrities. According to the news of an English website, non-celebrities will not be offered any fee this time. - In the report, sources in the channel claimed that non-celebrities, who have been identified on social media, will be given some amount of money. But there will be no fee for participating in the house. - It is being speculated that the channel has realized that the comrades are very happy with coming inside the Big Boss house. Maybe thats why this time he has decided not to pay any fees to them. Though the commoners will have the chance to win money by performing well in Tasks. Apart from this, the contribution of any Contestant will be important in raising the TRP, it will be given some amounts as a bonus. Salman shoots show promo According to reports, Salman Khan is busy shooting for Tiger Jinda Hai in Morocco. But recently he went to Mumbai for a promo shoot for Big Boss 11. - By the way, the 11th season logo and a video colours CEO Raj Nayak shared on social media. Accordingly, the last date for registration for the show was August 8. Lopamudra and Bani can host show According to some reports, Lopamudra Rout and VJ Bani, contestants of Bigg Boss 10 will also be seen in Season 11. However, this time they will be host to the show, not a contestant. - It is being told that in addition to Salman Khan, Lopamudra and Bani can host some seasons in the weekend. During this time he will be seen talking to a homeless clash with the contests. Only after getting the doctors check will the entry in the house According to the reports, the contestants will have to check with the doctors before entering the house. This is so because after going inside the house, there is no cry of illness. - For this, some doctors will be hired from the channel, who will examine the contests and give them health certificates. Dhinkacha Puja Songs such as Swaggi hat and Selfie I took today of Dhinkach Puja on the Youtube are quite popular. Riya Sen Riya has worked in films like Style (2001), Marriage No.1 (2005) and Dark Chocolate (2016). With Asmit Patel, their pornographic SMS has also become viral. Nandish Sandhu Nandish knows for the show Ratan (2008-15). He was married to Rashmi Desai, who co-authored the show. Their separation has been done in 2016. Abhishek Malik In 2012, Abhishek, who debuted TV debut with trick, cheer and beat, was last seen in A Wedding Like That (2017). Achint Kaur In Achint Jamai Raja (2014-16), Ravi Dubeys mother-in-law has been seen in the roll. He is the 24-year-old sons mother and has been in the discussion for 16 years because of living in live-in with actor Mohan Kapoor. Mishti Chakraborty Mishti has seen people play Subhash Ghais lead role in Kanchi (2014). He has also appeared in a big role in Begum Jan (2017). Mohit Malhotra Mohit started his career as a Contestant in reality show Splitswiwo 2 (2009). He has been seen in serials like Mitawa Kamal Ka (2009-10), Kya Hua Tera Vaada (2012-13) and Ye Hai Aashiqui (2014). Navneet Kaur Dhillon Femina has been a winner of Miss India in Navneet 2013. In 2013, Miss World has represented India in the Pageant However, they were unable to win it. Joa Afroz In 2013 Joya Afroz Femina was the second runner of Miss India. In 2014, he was seen in the film The Exposure. Earlier, he had also worked with We Are Along, Sant Dnyaneshwar and Som Nahi Kaho. Gita Fogat Geeta Fogat is the daughter of Wrestler Mahavir Phogat, who had released the film Dangal in 2016. Geeta in the Commonwealth Games in 2010, 55 kg India had gold medal in the category of India.

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