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Watch From underwater whirlpools, to a jellyfish that looks just like Darth Vader, these are 11 WEIRD Undersea Discoveries ! The Baltic Sea Anomaly -- this object was discovered by a Swedish diving team on the floor of the northern Baltic Sea in 2011. This is actually a 3-D interpretation of the anomaly created by artist Hauke Vaut, based on reports that described the formation as being set on a pillar and includes a structure resembling a staircase that leads to a dark hole. Further details gathered from sonar images stated the formation was around 60 meters in diameter … and stands on a 8-meter pillar … and is located at a depth of 295 feet. You can see some of those images from … From above, the structure even looks like the Millennium Falcon! There were also claims that the diving teams electronics such as cameras and satellite phones wouldn’t work when they were above the object. Our research indicates that while some experts think the object could be a glacial deposit, the mystery of the Baltic Sea Anomaly has yet to be solved … What do you think it could be? Underwater Black Holes -- We previously told you about underwater whirlpools … Now here’s something that might be even stranger. Black holes are known to be tears in the fabric of space and time … the gravity is so powerful that nothing can escape, not even light. Now scientists believe they’ve discovered a type of black hole right here on Earth -- on the southern Atlantic Ocean! According to experts, the largest ocean eddies -- or circular motions of water found in this area -- do the same thing with water that black holes in outer space do with light. By applying mathematical models to satellite imagery of the eddies, scientists discovered that the eddies were equivalent to black holes … on a mathematical basis, anyway. Fluid particles move around in small loops within the closed barriers of select ocean eddies … and nothing can escape from the inside of these loops -- not even water! Researchers think the information may help solve certain oceanic mysteries such as the spread of environmental pollution patterns. Casper the Ghost Fish -- Many people have noted how certain creature from the deep sea have looks that could be termed unusual or alien. Consider this creature … it was discovered some 8,200 feet under the surface in the Mariana Trench … the world’s deepest trench. Pictures and video of the creature were taken during an expedition conducted by the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The pale fish with yellow eyes measured around 10 centimeters long … it’s coloration inspired the name Casper ....although some felt the creature resembled Falkor (phal-kur), the dragon from “The Neverending Story”. Experts say it’s the first time a fish from the Aphyonidae (affy-on-ih-dee) family has ever been seen alive. Supergiant Crustaceans -- The Kermadec (kerma-deck) Trench off the northeast coast of New Zealand is one of the world’s deepest oceanic trenches … over 10,000 meters deep. Scientists exploring the region were shocked to discover seven massive amphipods gathered in a trap they had set. You can see just how massive these creatures are in these pictures from Oceanlab. Look at how big they are in relation to the size of the researchers hands! The ‘supergiant’ amphipods are over 20 times the size of their normal crustacean relatives, which usually measure less than a half-inch long, and are found in oceans around the world. The largest of these seven specimens measured around 11 inches long … and were found some 4 miles deep in the trench. Amphipods this size haven’t been seen since the 1980s. Did the sight of them make you think of ‘giant shrimp’? So take a look at this creature … does it remind you of anyone? Say, a certain Sith lord from a galaxy far, far away? Well, it’s really a fairly newly discovered species of small jellyfish … and you don’t have to travel to another galaxy to find it. It was discovered in the deep waters of the Arctic Ocean. And while its name is officially ‘Bathykorus Bouilloni’ (bath-ick-er-us booey loney), the creature’s resemblance to Darth Vader’s helmet earned it the nickname, “Darth Vader Jellyfish” While it’s not the most colorful creature on our list, it is certainly named after a colorful character … even if Luke Skywalker’s dad wore all black. Subscribe to Epic Wildlife Lets Connect -- -- -- --

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