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Watch From the man behind E=mc2, to the biggest heart in the world, these are the 12 of the Worlds BIGGEST Organs Biggest Heart -- Blue whales are considered the largest animals to ever have existed …They can reach lengths of 98ft and weigh over 190 tons. With those dimensions, you’d expect their internal organs would be pretty massive as well, and that’s why they keep turning up on our list.. Because these creatures are so rare, scientists never had the opportunity to study a whale’s heart in detail … until 2015. A dead blue whale floated to the shore of Newfoundland, Canada … A group of researchers discovered that the heart of that blue whale weighed 400 pounds,and measured 5ft long …the largest known heart of any animal! It’s thought the organ could pump close to 60 gallons of blood through the whale’s body. To put its size into greater perspective, the aorta -- the heart’s main artery -- was wide enough to accommodate a human head. Biggest Human Organ -- Can you guess which organ is the largest in the human body? Actually it’s all around you … The skin is considered the human body’s largest organ in general … and it’s also our fastest growing organ. The skin of an average adult human has a surface area of around 2 square meters. Among its other functions, it keeps you cool when it’s hot … and warm when it’s cold … and of course, keeps all your insides -- like your heart, blood and muscles -- on the inside. That includes the liver, which is the human body’s largest internal organ. Is your epidermis showing? Longest Nose -- The African Elephant’s trunk is generally considered to be the longest nose in the animal kingdom, so we’re think it qualifies as largest as well. The animal’s trunk is kind of like a Swiss Army Knife, serving multiple functions: It’ serves as a dexterous fifth limb, an important method of touch, and a means of amplifying sound .. they even gently entwine their trunks as a type of mating ritual. Add to that, a study in 2014 revealed that African elephant may have the best sense of smell in the animal kingdom … or one of the best, at least. That’s based on findings that the big animals possess around 2,000 smell genes that are dedicated to detecting scent. Elephants can smell water some 12 miles away … even if it’s underground! Biggest Liver -- In these pictures, you can see a research team examining the liver of a female great white shark that was captured in South Africa. The liver can weigh around 500 pounds .. or even more! The organ is thought to play a role in the animals buoyancy and long-term energy storage. Unlike other fish, sharks don’t have swim bladders filled with gas to keep them afloat … their huge livers are packed with oil … which is what helps keep them buoyant. Nothing against the great white shark’s impressive liver … but the biggest liver in the animal kingdom belongs to the basking shark. It’s liver runs the entire length of its abdominal cavity and can account for 25 percent of its body weight … which, on average can be nearly 6 tons! The basking shark has often been hunted for its liver oil, which contains organic compounds used in health products. It’s a migratory species and is in found in temperate oceans around the world. Measuring Up -- Well, with a title like “World’s Biggest Organs”, that’s likely to make you think of one thing in particular, so let’s get to the question on your minds … Which animal has the world’s largest reproductive organs? It would be easy to say the Blue Whale, with a length of 10 feet … it actually does claim this title. But we’ve given those beasts enough props for one episode. So here’s our choice for the number one spot: the Tuberous Bushcricket. That’s right … It’s only half the size of a human finger, but the creature has the biggest reproductive organs in the world in relation to its body weight. It turns out this insect’s testicles comprise 14 percent of its body weight. Put in perspective, that’s like a 200 pound man possessing gonads weighing almost 30 pounds. That would make for some EPIC wildlife indeed! (*crickets*) Subscribe to Epic Wildlife Lets Connect -- -- -- --

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