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Watch From wild hare fights, to the crazy things giant pandas do, these are 13 STRANGE Mating Behaviors of Animals ! Red Sided Garter Snake -- The mating habits of these animals resembles something of a reptilian orgy. Generally, there are far more males than females … during mating season, one or more females can be completely overwhelmed by ten male snakes or more. As the creatures writhe and entwine about each other, it results in a type of ‘mating ball’. The male creatures coil about one another in an attempt to impregnate the female. Some males are known to release female pheromones in an effort to distract their competitors, and gain some alone time with the female. Hippos -- So we’ll warn you right now … if you’re eating, you may want to skip this segment. You might guess that any animal that looks like a hippo isn’t going to take the subtle approach when it comes to wooing a mate. When a male hippo has set his sights on a potential mate, he positions himself where she can clearly see him. Whereupon the male then proceeds to lose control of his bowels and bladder … on purpose. If you’ve seen “Finding Nemo” or “Finding Dory”, you’re familiar with clownfish. But did you know they can switch gender when it’s required? They’re known as sequential hermaphrodites … Clownfish develop as males first, and upon maturation become females. Clownfish, or anemonefish, adhere to a strict dominance hierarchy … with the biggest and most aggressive female found at the top. In a group, only a male and a female will reproduce. But should the female clownfish be removed from the group, then one of the more dominant males will transform into a female. That leaves the rest of the males to move up a notch in the hierarchy. White Fronted Parrots -- This Central American species of parrot has an extremely unusual way of initiating the mating process. Not unlike humans, they’ll snuggle close and lock lips -- or beaks, in this case. But completely unlike humans -- or so we hope -- the male then regurgitates directly into the mouth of his intended. The female usually accepts this gift as a sign of intimacy. Either she’s very patient or the male parrot used a great mouthwash. Praying Mantis -- These insects have a bad reputation when it comes to deadly mating rituals .. and it seems that reputation is well-earned. A receptive female is known to eat her lover, while in the midst of lovemaking … and starts by biting off his head. It’s one of the better-researched types of sexual cannibalism … the good news for the male mantids is that this sort of incident only happens about 16% of the time. Even with those odds, do you think it’s worth the risk? Wild Hares -- Ever wonder where the term “mad as a March Hare” came from? It refers to the springtime mating season of hares … the amorous males are often seen leaping through the fields, and they fight for the right to mate with the elusive female. You can get a vivid illustration of their mating rituals in these pictures by Andy Rouse. It’s amazing how they actually seem to throw punches at each other! The males, or jacks, will box with each other, or with the jills as a precursor to mating. Only the most determined males who manage to endure the fighting and high speed chases will win the rights to mate with the female! Red Capped Manakin -- This bird is found in tropical forests of Central America through South America. It’s look is decidedly cool … and it has an even cooler method to court the ladies. When he targets the female of his choice this guy is known to perform a type of moonwalk, not unlike Michael Jackson! He’ll also emit a series of noises like buzzes and snapping sounds … so it’s a complete song and dance act. It not only serves to woo his lady, but it also warns off other potential suitors … as if to say, “The Girl is Mine”! Pandamonium -- Female giant Pandas are known to lose their desire to mate once in captivity, and are very selective about their partners … that results in incredibly low breeding rates. When Giant Pandas at Chiang Mai (chee-yang my) Zoo in Thailand were unenthusiastic about mating, zookeepers there hit upon the idea of showing the animals videos of other giant pandas having sex … also known as ‘panda pornography’.. Researchers there have reported some successful panda couplings after using this method. Similar success has also been found in China. After commencing the experiment, 31 cubs were born there over a 10-month period. Other methods to stimulate the pandas libido include dance-like exercises that boost the animal’s stamina … and even administering Viagra to jump-start the procreative process. Subscribe to Epic Wildlife Lets Connect -- -- -- --

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