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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : The village is deserted for 170 years, it comes at night, shouting, what is the truth of Kuldhara Rajasthan. India is an ancient country and boasts of many mysterious incidents in its own right; one such event is that this village has been lost for the last 170 years, from Kuldhra village, situated about 18 kilometers from Jaisalmer. It is said that by combining villages nearby, the people of 84 villages had lost their eyes in the night. It is also said that it is a ghost village, the Indian state is situated in Jaisalmer district of Rajasthan, the cursed and mysterious village Is l What is the story of Kuldharas desolation  The village that was so developed, then why was the reason that the village became desolate overnight? It was because of the village Dewan Salam Singh whose dirty look had fallen on the village, a beautiful girl. In fact, the story of Kuldhara was started almost 500 years ago, when Kuldhara was not a ruin, but 84 villages surrounding it were inhabited by Paliwal Brahmins. But then, like Kuldhara saw the evil eye of someone, that person was Dewan Salam Singh of the princely state. Salem Singhs daughter got a bad look on the daughter of a priest in the village, and she became an insatiator of beautiful girl like Salem Singh. Salem Singh gave a few days to the people of the village for getting married to that girl.The battle was also to honor the village girl of a village and even self respect of the village. The meeting of the Paliwal Brahmins was held on the Chowpal of the village and what was then, more than 5000 families decided to leave the principality for their respect. The next evening, Kuldhara became somewhat helpless, that today Parinde is not even entering the boundaries of that village. It is said that when leaving the village, those Brahmans cursed the place that no one in this house will be able to settle after today. Even today the condition is similar as it was that night when people had left it. Capture of ghosts It is said that now this villan village is in the possession of unfamiliar forces, which often keeps people coming here to realize their presence. With the changing times, 82 villages were rebuilt, but the two villages did not have even populated after all the efforts. This village is now under the patronage of the Archaeological Survey of India, which is opened daily for the tourists in the light of day. Hundreds of tourists come here to see this legacy of the country closely but do not return alone, some uneducated stories also go with them. Deserted houses, unrecognized corridors Some stairs descending in a silent corridor, the houses where the sleeping houses have their own different tales, say l in the evening after the evening, there are some sounds. People believe that that voice is the pain of the 18th century, from whom the Pallival Brahmins passed. There are some houses in the village, where the mysterious shadows often appear in front of the eyes. Everything in the light of day seems like a story in history, but in the evening, the doors of Kuldhara are closed and it is visible a mysterious world of unfamiliar forces. People say that whatever came here in the night, they were caught in some kind of accident. A team of Paranormal Society, which has been doing research on ghosts and spirits from Delhi in May 2013 He spent the night in Kuldhara village. The team admits that there is something unusual or something unusual here. A member of the team told the media that many times during the visit, I felt that someone kept my shoulders on my shoulder, when turning and no one was there. On Saturday night, the team which had gone to Kuldhara on the night of May 4, got the sign of the hands of young people on their cars. This village was constructed by the Pallival Brahmins in the 16th century. The truth of this village is that due to the supply of water falling in the 18th century, the whole village was destroyed, but what was actually happened to the residents of the village, it was Today, there remains a mystery in the 21st century.

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