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Watch 17th December short film 2017 Name : Todays 17th December Director : Dip Sarwar Noushad Cast : Mirja Atik , Ashiqur Rahman Suhan Location : Dhaka University , T.S.C , Banasree Story : This story based on the reality of our nation.Bangladesh is freedom country from 1971 in 16 December the victory day. Nowadays 16th December is just a date of tradition.everybody organise the day normally ,they wear a colourful dresses and put the flag on the head. enjoy the full day as a tradition.Nobody try feel the back story of this victory day and after the day is coming 17th December.Then forgot the previous day and throw out the mind.This is not fair. Nobody can insult there country or there country flag .So please do respect your country and your country flag. keep loving or respect and remain in your heart

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