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Watch My Youtube Channel Link : My Facebook Page Like : 2 man was forced to become beggar for this man  People are always upset due to inflation, but a man from Iran has been forced to beg for help. In Iran, the police also take action against those who beg for begging, but the Iranian police have failed to take action on this unique. This beggar is also very big. This begging does not ask that it be able to eat the bread, but rather begging that it can keep two wives. According to the news, this person, without a begging, stands for a board in the citys market, which says, Please help a bit, I want to keep it! On the one hand, while four weddings in Islam are religiously recognized, while on the other side, concerned by the decreasing population rate of Iran, the highest religious leader Ayatollah Khamenei has advised people to create more children. The police are in a quandary that if they arrest the beggar who wishes for this two weddings, then religious belief will get hurt.

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