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Watch We visit Siem Reap, Cambodia - home of the famous Angkor Wat - and we get a room in a Siem Reap hostel, hire a Khmer guide to show us around, visit a lotus farm, hang out with Cambodian kids, play volleyball, eat a ton of Cambodian food and street food (like snake soup, grilled mouse, and beef lok lak). Then, we visit the Night Market and Pub Street and top the day off with a sinfully delicious chocolate banana pancake and a cold Angkor beer - all for 20 U.S. dollars! Total cost to travel Siem Reap for a full day: Twin private room: split, 2 people = $5 apiece Local guide: $5 apiece Iced coffee: $0.50 Beef and yellow noodles: $2 Lotus farm visit: $0.50 Snake soup: $0.75 Grilled mouse: $0.75 Water: $0.12 Bunch of bananas: $1.22 Scallion and cabbage cake: $0.50 Beef lok lak dinner: $2.50 Chocolate banana pancake: $1 Angkor beer: $0.50 (34 cents over the budget) TOTAL COST: $20.34!! Book bus tickets ONLINE for Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Laos - Click here to book a ticket: *If you visit Siem Reap, you must visit the ancient Angkor Wat. Its an incredibly well maintained temple site with massive, ornate, well- preserved temples and other buildings. Admission into Angkor Wat costs $20 for a day pass, so for my fellow $20 per day budget travelers, be sure to factor this one in to the cost of visiting Siem Reap! YEAH, SO WHAT, we went over the budget... Just trying to celebrate our TENTH episode of 20 Dollar Traveling! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- About Me: My name is Kevin Cook. Im originally from Dallas, TX, but Ive been living and traveling in Asia since 2013. After graduating from university in 2011 and working a few unfulfilling jobs, I saved enough money to move to Asia and work as a teacher for a few years. That opportunity allowed me to travel around and experience new foods and cultures, and ignited a passion for blogging and making videos. Now I travel full-time and make videos with the goal that I can encourage YOU to pursue your own dream of overseas traveling and living. If you enjoy watching my videos, you can help me grow my channel by giving my videos a thumbs up, leaving a comment, sharing them, and subscribing! Thank you :) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on all my adventures: Blog - Facebook - Instagram - ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sick BEATS provided courtesy of The Passion HiFi -

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