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Watch From the prehistoric looking Shebill Stork, to the KIWI, New Zealands national treasure, these are 20 STRANGEST Birds In The World ! 10. Resplendent Quetzal -- Found between western Panama and southern Mexico, this bird is well known for its vibrant plumage. The bird’s large eyes can adapt to the dim light of its forest habitat. Did you know the bird’s thick plumage evolved to protect its fragile skin? It’s the national bird of Guatemala! 9. Hoatzin (hout-zen) -- This pheasant sized bird is endemic to the Amazon and Orinoco Deltas of South America … While it is beautiful, it’s also known as the ‘stinkbird’, due to their manure-like odor … it’s caused by the way food ferments in the animal’s digestive system. When they’re chicks, the birds are noted for having two claws on each wing, which are used to scramble around tree branches without dropping into the water. 8. Roseate (rosy-ett) Spoonbill -- Notice the bill that resembles a spoon. The animal uses it to snatch small prey out of the water for its meals. Did you think it was a pink flamingo at first? They do share a similarity, color-wise … Like the Flamingo, the Spoonbill’s pink coloration is a result of their diet, which contain organic pigments called carotenoids. 7. Long Wattled Umbrellabird -- does it look like this bird is sporting a pompadour? That distinguishing shape atop its head is actually called an erectile head crest, which tends to be a bit longer on the males. The males are also distinguished by a large throat wattle of feathers which is always retracted during flight. They’re found in Colombia and Ecuador. 6. Philippine Eagle -- This raptor measures around three feet from the tip of its beak to its tail .. in terms of length and wing surface it’s considered the world’s largest extant eagle. The rare apex predator was once known as the “Philippine Monkey-Eating Eagle” because it was thought to prey exclusively on monkeys. In fact, the bird is an equal opportunity predator, snatching whatever meat it can find … which does include the flesh of primates. Did you know this is the national bird of the Philippines? 5. Kakapo (kah-kah-poo) -- This is the epitome of a rare bird …as of June 2016, only 123 of these animals were known to exist! What happened? It evolved in New Zealand, and had no natural predators there. When modern human introduced predators like cats and rats to the region, the Kakapo was especially vulnerable. It’s the heaviest and only flightless parrot in the world. They’re known to breed on average only 3 times a decade … and only when the fruit of the Rimu (rih-moo) tree is abundant. That might also explain their small population. 4. Greater Adjutant -- This massive creature is a member of the stork family and is found across Asia. Standing nearly 60 inches tall, they have a wingspan exceeding 98 feet! During the wintertime, theyll breed with each other as well as the Spot Billed Pelican and other large waterbirds. They’re a member of the stork family and their diet includes reptiles, rodents and other birds. Their name “adjutant” refers to their stiff manner of walking while on the ground. 3. Harpy Eagle -- Also called the American Harpy Eagle. We’re including it, not because it’s so strange … but because it’s so intimidating, we’re scared to ignore it! This fearsome bird is the largest and most powerful raptor known in the Americas … and is one of the largest extant eagles in the world. It’s an apex predator that tends to favor sloths and monkeys, although they’re known to go after larger prey like capybaras and deer. Did you know they have the largest talons of any living eagle, and have been documented lifting prey that equals their body weight … around 15 pounds! 2. Shoebill Stork -- The bird’s name is derived from its conspicuous, shoe-shaped bill … you could probably suss that out. That massive bill gives the animal a look that cannot be mistaken. These birds can weigh over 15 pounds and have an imposing height of up to 60 inches, with a wingspan reaching over 8.5 feet. Ornithologists consider this species to be one of the five most desirable birds in Africa. They’re found in swamps from Zambia to Sudan. 1. **Magnificent Frigatebird -- Here’s a bird with a most distinguished look. The large, lightly built seabird is noted for the male’s impressive red throat sac, which it inflates as a means of attracting a mate during breeding season. It’s found in the tropical Atlantic, as well as the Galapagos Islands. Did you know this bird is also known as the “Man of War”? Subscribe to Epic Wildlife Lets Connect -- -- -- --

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