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Watch Toyota Sienta Review: Exaggeratedly speaking, its riding feel is like that of a French car. This Toyota Sienta is a unique small MPV thats powered by the new 1.5L dual VVTi engine. This compact minivan has an overall height of 4,235mm, longer by 115m than the previous model, but its overall width of 1,695mm and 5-series license is still the same. It uses an extended platform of the best selling hybrid car, the Aqua. Its styling is catchy and it has a slippery-looking surface, but I personally think that its sword-cut like edges at the front and rear parts make it look a little bit quirky. Its seats are comprised of three rows, and it has both a 6-seater and a 7-seater version. The one I test drove was a 6-seater version. Inside this car, the first and second rows have sufficient space, and you can slide the part of the second row seat so that the other passengers can sit in the third row.

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