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Watch Millions of years have passed since our ancestors roamed this earth, and weve learned much about them from archeological and anthropological discoveries and scientific conclusions. We know we have less hair, walk straighter and have better developed facial features than our neanderthal, homo erectus and homo sapien heritage - but what other factors have affected our evolution and adaptation? Here are some surprising insights and facts into the lives of the early humans. 22 amazing facts about the human body that will surprise you! omo Sapiens, the ancestors of modern man, originated in the African continent. The “Out of Africa” theory suggests that our ancestors left the continent, migrated to Europe and Asia - and in so doing began replacing earlier examples of the human species - the Homo Erectus. This migration took place approximately 80,000 years ago. What is interesting to note is that the Homo Erectus (upright human) had actually followed the exact same route (from Africa to Eurasia) - over 1 million years ago. Looks like Homo Sapiens werent the first to get this idea.

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