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Watch You might not believe that these people actually exist but its true! From the strongest ears to surviving two atomic bombs its insane! Subscribe to Talltanic 14. John Evans John Evans is a strongman that resides in Derbyshire, England and he can balance a car on his head. Yup. That’s a car. A mini that weighs in at 352 pounds. This is all good until a crowd is treated to the sight of his neck snapping in half. 13. Lasha Pataraia Lasha has the strongest ears on the planet. How he discovered this is unknown, but it is probably a very good story. He gained attention when he pulled an eight-ton truck with just his ears. Impressive because mine hurt after an hour of heavy earrings. 12. She Ping In an event that sounds more like a supervillain origin story than an accomplishment, She Ping gained popularity when he covered his body in 460000. The stunt was an event to try to raise sales on his honey business. He said that he has been doing this strange activity since he was 22. Let’s just count our blessing that he didn’t choose to command his demon bees in a global attack on the populace. 11. Andrew Stanton Andrew Stanton holds the vaguely upsetting world record of longest metal coil passed through the nose and out of the mouth. One of my many questions is, “WHY?” The coil measured 11 feet 10 inches. The world record was set in 2012 and Andrew currently, works as a sideshow performer in Las Vegas. 10. Chayne Hultgren (AKA Space Cowboy) Space Cowboy is a citizen of New South Wales, Australia. His claim to fame is his ability to swallow swords but, he has many unusual talents. He holds 44 different world records for his incredible abilities. His personal record is the swallowing of 27 swords at the same time. He also has the ability to juggle dangerous items, including a machete, sickle, and fire. His act includes swallowing a 2000- volt glass tube with an attached microphone that allows his heart to be heard beating. 9. Nancy Siefker Nancy manages to do with her feet what many could never manage with their hands. She has the world record for Furthest Arrow Shot with the Feet. She resides in California, where she performs with a circus. She was able to shoot the arrow at a target at 20 ft. Move aside Hawkeye, we’ve found a better Avenger. 8. Maria Jose Cristerna Maria lives in Mexico and is known as “The Mexican Vampire Lady”. She has a total of 49 body mods. That number includes extensive tattoos, implants on her forehead, chest, and arms, and multiple piercings. She formerly worked as a lawyer but, she is currently a video jockey. She has created a sort of religion around herself with multiple people worshipping her as a goddess. 7. Rajveer Meena I think we can all agree that Pi was invented by the devil. It’s useful but, also a pain. Rajveer is famous for memorizing 70,000 of Pi’s digits. The test took about 10 hours and Rajveer was blindfolded the entire time. 6. Jack Andraka Jack is a 19 year old inventor that invented a method for early detection of pancreatic cancer while he was 16 and in high school. Jack’s invention works like a d12 iabetes test strip and is being used for early detection. He now attends Stanford University. 5. Liu Bolin Liu Bolin practices camouflage body paint and is pretty incredible at it. He claims his “invisibility” is a statement about society and artistic abilities not being valued. He often uses this technique to scare passersby. He began practicing his art in public after the Chinese police shut down his studio. 4. Kyle Maynard Kyle Maynard climbed Mount Kilimanjaro with no arms or legs, with no prosthetics. He has a rare condition, congenital amputation, which means that he never developed arms or legs in the womb. Despite that Kyle has played sports all of his life and recently released a best selling autobiography. He has appeared in both Vanity Fair and Abercrombie and Fitch. 3. Francis Tapon Francis Tapon has walked across America four times. He was the first person to accomplish a round trip of the Continental Divide Trail. He has written several motivational and autobiographical books. Right now he is traveling across Africa and he plans to end his voyage in 2018. 2. Amichay Rab Amichay Rab is traveling around the world. Naked. He documents his adventures with pictures of himself surrounded by beautiful scenery and usually a well place barrier between him and the camera. He has a blog full of pictures of him in several different countries including, Argentina, Bolivia, Peru, and Uruguay. 1.Tsutomu Yamaguchi Tsutomu Yamaguchi died recently in 2010 but, he had the amazing distinction of surviving two atomic bomb blasts. He survived being in the blast radius of both Hiroshima and Nagasaki in World War II. Although there were survivors of both bombings he is officially recognized as surviving both. He died at 93 from stomach cancer because it’s not like anything else could kill this guy.

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