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Watch top 5 or 10 channel present a new video presents, 5 actors who actually did it on screen. number 1, Marlon Brando and maria schneider, the Last Tango in Paris almost every actress would have killed for the opportunity to star opposite one of Hollywoods most iconic actors while being directed by one of the worlds most famous Italian directors one teen actress maria schneider was actually able to live that dream unfortunately for her it turned into a nightmare while starting with Marlon Brando in the erotic drama The Last Tango in Paris directed by bernardo bertolucci Snyder was forced down face first by Brando during a sex scene the actor used butter as lubricant because schneider was so young and because Brando was 29 years her senior she didnt argue when she spoke of the incident later she said that the tears that she was crying in the scene were real and that she felt as though she had been raped. number 2. willem dafoe and Charlotte gainsbourg, more controversial director Lars von Trier directed a film in 2009 called Antichrist and it was considered an experimental horror film the movie started off in a way which many people found both shocking and disturbing the audience was introduced to Willem Dafoes and charlotte gainsbourg his characters while they were in the middle of having sex at the same time their infant son is shown climbing up to his bedroom window and falling to his death most people did not realize it but during the love scene the sex was real the only thing that wasnt real was the actor and actress having sex von Trier used adult film stars as body doubles for this scene therefore the leading actors did not have sex at all. number 3. Karen OBrien and margo stilley, when the british indie film nine songs was released in the UK in 2004 it created a great deal of talk and controversy the reason that it created such a controversy was because of that extreme sexual content even though it was released as a mainstream film audiences who attended the premiere expected to see a romantic love story between the leading actors Karen O Brien margo stilley what they actually saw were scenes of penetration fellatio and very vivid handjobs all with full frontal detail from the time of the films release up until today both actors have been defending the film regardless of the backlash from the media and the critics. number 4. Jonathan schaech, in the mid-nineteen ninetys Jonathan shake was one of Hollywoods most sought-after actors after starring in the nineteen ninety five tom hanks film that thing you do he became an instant heart drop he was also featured on the cover of Vanity Fair alongside leonardo dicaprio will smith and benicio del toro in the most promising leading men of tomorrow issue unfortunately all this fanfare died down when sheikh starred in the direct-to-dvd film 8-millimeter to the film had no connection to the Nicolas Cage original from 1999 and the remake featured scenes where Sheikh was seen in the middle of group orgies and where we simulated oral sex and self pleasuring be seen as didnt make his career they broke it. number 5. sook-yin lee, a vancouver-based canadian television personality decided to pursue an acting career while she was still living in her home town at the time she had a lead role in definitely not the Opera which was a pop culture radio show on cbc her first big break in acting came when she was cast in john cameron mitchell is comedy short bus in the film should be required to film unsimulated intercourse scenes because she starred in a film that had seen as containing homosexual and heterosexual cunnilingus visible penetration and male ejaculation CBC threatened to fire her from her radio show many actors and artists voice their support for Lee and the network relented. subscribe for more .LINKS ARE: channel: facebook page: google plus: twitter:

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