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Watch 5 most extreme female bodybuilders -5 Most Unusual Bodybuilders In The World 10- 9- 2016. top 10 or 5 presents 5 most extreme female bodybuilders. number one. Renee Campbell. when Renee won her first title, she was only training for four years. she placed first in the international federation of bodybuilding and fitness championship. this just goes to show that renee has a natural talent for building muscles. not only does Renee told her two children around all day ,she can also bench 330 pounds. she has also been featured in a variety of fitness magazines. shes giving many of the women in the sport a run for their money. number two. Debbie Laszewski. debbie is living proof that you are never too old to do anything, when she was just 45 years old ,she ranked third best female body builder in the world in professional bodybuilding. her success is likely due to her intense training regimen that has helped her build an outrageous amount of muscle and strength. her workout sessions have made it possible for her to curl an 85-pound child. according to several bodybuilding analysts she still hasnt reached her peak as a competitor who knows what 4well see from Debbie in the future. number three. Virginia Sanchez. Virginia Sanchez is not only a bodybuilder, she is also a personal trainer hailing from a dread. she has been working out since she was 17 years old. she won her first competition when she was only 19 years old. today, shes in her forties and she has 17.5 inch biceps and 27-inch quads. this is very impressive. whats more impressive is that shes only 5 foot 3 inches. the fact that she can carry around this much muscle on such a tiny frame is pretty much amazing. number four. alina popa. alina popa has been working out for over 15 years. according to alina, part of the reason for her colossal physique is due to lifting extremely heavy weights at least five days a week. she weighs just 160 pounds and she can squat almost 400 pounds thats almost four times her weight and it is the same thing as squatting two grown men also. there are many grown man who cannot squat at least a quarter of this weight. alina popa is very impressive and shows it each time she competes. number five. iris Kyle. of all the bodybuilders in history, iris kyle is the most successful ,she has 110 Olympic titles / stats are the best around even compared to those in the mens professional league. her shocking muscle definition and symmetry have been helping her win contests since 1994. after iris water check the limpia championship she announced her retirement. today she still remains an icon and an ambassador for the sport. shes also a role model for women who are just starting out in bodybuilding. please like and subscribe for more videos. LINKS ARE: channel: facebook page: google plus: twitter:

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