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Watch top 5 or 10 channel presents a new video. 5 most unusual restaurants in the world. number 1. clothing optional dinners, John Ordover had a restaurant idea for a clothing-optional restaurant it started out as a monthly event in manhattan where diners were invited to go to the restaurant strip and eat their dinner since then he has made this a more regular event. number 2. Dons later war, cause legal law located in Clerkenwell London is that your typical restaurant when you dine at this restaurant youre in the dark literally you can order your food and then eat it blindfolded theres also our room where you can eat your food in the pitch dark the restaurant owner says that eating in the dark will heighten your sense of taste also all of the servers at the restaurant are blind. number 3. dicks last resort, dicks last resort has locations all over America including Dallas Chicago and Boston when you dine at this restaurant youll be insulted ridiculed and called names by the restaurant staff the staff will also write the insults that they have for you on a hat that you are required to wear while you dine. number 4. Ninja New York, New Yorks best fusion food is served at this very unusual restaurant when you arrive you are led to the underground dining area through a secret tunnel while walking to your table there are ninjas lurking around every corner of the dining area is in a dungeon-like chamber and the people serving you are not your typical servers they are actual ninjas while you eat the ninjas will perform a variety of tricks such as sauces that catch on fire. number 5. devil island prison, this restaurant located in China is located on Devils Island which has a great deal of history its famous, because it is the home to the Exile prison of political prisoners the theme of the restaurant is based on the prison to show people how difficult prison life can be your led to your table shackled in handcuffs and youre served coffin-shaped fried bread the whole point of this prison themed restaurant is to keep diners from making the wrong choices and ending up in a real prison. subscribe, watch other videos..LINKS ARE: channel: facebook page: google plus: twitter:

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