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Watch TOP 5 OR 10 CHANNEL presents 5 nurses you wont believe exist. number one. nurse sexually assaults his bring dead patient this is a nurse you wont believe exist since nurses are supposed to help people a brain-dead woman named Julie Henson was a patient at Cherry Hills health care center in englewood colorado for years unable to sit up walk or speak her parents decided to set up a camera in her bed so that they can check for any signs of movement when they were not around during this time she was being cared for by a 34 year old certified nursing assistant named Paul Boog arsenic arsenic was caught in the act sexually assaulting Henson multiple times her parents saw the video and the garthok was arrested he was sentenced to 15 years in prison. number two. the worlds sexiest nurse kaci polymers is a student at New York University she has also been working in the critical care unit of a hospital for the last three years she has also been dubbed the worlds sexiest nurse over the past few months she has become an internet sensation with two hundred thirty two thousand followers in instagram some call her Instagram model while others call her a nurse with her head on her shoulders there are rumors that shes related to kevin harts Beyonce an eco parish therefore you can understand why good looks would be in our genes for now at least she is the worlds sexiest nurse on Instagram. number three. killer nurse the police in a small coastal town of paya be no in tuscany italy finally solved the case of the killer on the ward while the police were investigating they were monitoring the ward in question for several months when they finally had a suspect sawstop Benigno she was working in the intensive care and anesthesia unit at the hospital at 55 years old she was working as a nurse and in Tuscany since the nineteen eighties when the police got on their radar they began monitoring her behavior finally they had enough to arrest her and she was detained by Italys naas police unit the department who specializes in health and drugs shes accused of killing her patients between 2014 and 2015 using a blood thinner called heparin that she administered by injection or drip the patients that she killed did not have illnesses or injuries that required her to give them heparin and no doctor prescribed it according to investigators she administered levels of the drug at least 10 times the normal amount her victims were between 61 and 88 years old and most died from their blood becoming excessively thin and they died from internal bleeding one of the deaths was due to a cardiac arrest. number for. the worlds oldest nurse on may eight 2015 Florence CC Rigney turned 90 years old while most people retire between the ages of 60 and 65 she chose not to she is still working at to come a general hospital where she has been working for the past six decades she retired when she was 65 years old however that only lasted for about five months over time she missed her job and she went back according to the assistant rules manager at the hospital brittany runs circles around her fellow workers she also says that Rigney is a wealth of wisdom and knowledge and she is loved by everyone at the hospital she spend your days setting up the operating rooms while making her fellow nurses smile brittany took her birthday off so the hospital employees decided to have a celebration for her on may seven brittany began her career as a student nurse at a tacoma general School of Nursing in 1946. number five. millionaire nurse while nurses make a good living they dont make enough to become millionaires unless they never spent the time of their income a nurse named Hadassah Perry was working for a home health care agency when she was assigned to work for a woman named shoes yet Clark Clark was the daughter of a very wealthy copper miner rather than going to fancy parties and spending time with people of influence she chose to barricade herself inside her home which was set up like a hospital room she was surrounded by her art and music collections her room also feeble to make the call herself Perry began making the calls herself over the years Park lavished her with gifts dollars a Lincoln Navigator SUV worth forty two thousand dollars and a three-story waterfront home in manhattan beach which is just one of the five homes she owns when Clark was 104 years old she passed away leaving Perry to inherit 33 subscribe for more.LINKS ARE: channel: facebook page: google plus: twitter:

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