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Watch TOP 5 OR 10 presents a new video, 5 of the weirdest things that happen to us during sleep. number 1. you become paralyzed ram which stands for rapid eye movement is the deepest phase of sleep when you can vividly remember a dream its likely during REM sleep during this stage the muscles in your arms are temporarily paralyzed this is normal and it happens to everyone the reason you have never realized it before is because it happens when you are in the deepest stage of sleep. number 2. sleep can jerk you awake just about everyone has felt like they were being jolted awake or that they were falling when they fell asleep for some its more minor such as a twitch this is normal its called a hypnic jerk some scientists believe that this occurs while your body is preparing itself for the changes that occur when you sleep others believe that your body confuses the signs of sleep with falling so you jerk in an effort to stay upright which of course is misguided. number 3. your eyes move when youre asleep you go through three different phases ram as we already described is the last and most active phase of sleep it takes about 70 to 90 minutes after you fall asleep to fall into REM sleep after this stage you start the sleep cycle all over again throughout the night you end up spending about twenty percent of your time in REM sleep during this phase your eyes will dart back and forth some people open their eyes a bit and it looks as though theyre awake when you move back to the first cycle asleep the eye movement stops. number 4. you produce human growth hormone when youre asleep you produce human growth hormone or HGH this helps your muscles and tissues regenerate its released during the deepest stages asleep scientists believe that the HGH is produced more during sleep because your blood glucose levels are lower during sleep. number 5. your throat narrows when youre asleep youre breathing changes because your throat muscles relax in your throat narrows this is not dangerous man youll still be able to breathe easily sometimes this narrowing of the front of the throat can cause you to snore oftentimes there is another underlying reason on top of the throat narrowing that is unless you have a condition called sleep apnea where your throat closes up completely. SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE.LINKS ARE: channel: facebook page: google plus: twitter:

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