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Watch top 5 or 10 channel presents a new videos. 5 school punishments that went way too far. number 1. kneeling on Peas a photo went viral from a school in Southeast Asia where a girl was forced to kneel on frozen peas after misbehaving in class you can see by the photos that the piece left indentations in her skin healing has been a punishment used around the world for many years more strict parents and educators would make the children Ilan uncooked rice corn gravel and hot cement trying to make it the most uncomfortable punishment possible. number 2. holding hands two boys at an Arizona high school were caught fighting to punish the boys the principal offered them a choice they can either be suspended or they could hold hands for 15 minutes rather than going home to tell their parents they had been suspended they chose to hold hands what they didnt know is that they would need to sit in the main courtyard on display for the other students when they held hands other students took photos of the boys holding hands and made fun of them they even started shouting homophobic insults at the boys after the photos went viral the boy suffered international humiliation. number 3. cone of shame everyone has seen the cartoons with the children wearing the dunce caps in class this was a form of punishment used many years ago when a Florida teacher could not get her students to behave she made them wear dog cones these are the cones that the vets put on the dogs head to keep them from biting at their stitches students took photos of their classmates wearing the dog cones and posted them to social media when the parents and the school got wind of what the teacher was doing she was suspended without pay. number 4. eating food from the floor students at charles sumner elementary school in New Jersey had a responsibility of taking turns changing a water cooler in 2008 vice principal Theresa brown got angry after a student spilled the water jug all over the cafeteria floor there were 16 students involved and their punishment was that they had to eat their lunch off of the floor for 10 days in todays society when everything is photographed and videotaped on a cell phone word of the punishment got out and the parents were angry the parents of seven of the students involved in the punishment fought back and sued the school department the judge awarded the parents a five hundred thousand dollar settlement. number 5. magic marker fourth graders at dekhlo Elementary School in Ohio their teacher summer Larson told them that they could have either missed recess or their peers could write on their faces with magic markers three students miss recess but six chose to have their faces written on at the end of the day the students were told to watch the marker off their faces unfortunately a permanent marker does not come off very easily hence the word permanent and the students still have the evidence of the punishment on their faces when they got home the parents were outraged and contacted the school administrators the punishment was stopped and summer Larson was punished for the incident. subscribe, share, like, video..LINKS ARE: channel: facebook page: google plus: twitter:

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