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Watch 5 weird jobs that pay well _awesome 3 - 9 -2016.yeah . hey, dear viewers , I am from top 5 or 10 channel ,my word just came today and ,I just like to thank you for watching sharing and commenting on my videos because it really means a lot 5 where jobs that pay well. number 1. sex toy tester. this strange job involves testing out sex ,toys for companies, before they are released for general sale the job has ,its downsides as if the product isnt suitable for the public you have to be the one that discovers this you also work normal hours meaning, youre testing the toys from nine to five every day of the week. you can earn anywhere between thirty thousand 50 thousand dollars a year ,for the unusual job unsurprisingly ,theres a very high satisfaction rate among sex toy testers paper.number 2. towel sniffer want to do something, that requires no effort ,but can make you a lot of money well this job is for you. you can earn up to fifty-two thousand dollars by being a professional paper towel sniffer, the job involves simply slipping paper towel products for companies to make sure theyre odorless, the job requirements read education, needed no much training needed all you need is a good sense of smell and a love for paper towels.number 3. pet food tester. while youre at subway of Starbucks in your lunch hour ,these people are chowing down on some of the finest pet cuisines ,the testers try out new kind of pet food to make sure the flavor smell and the color are pleasant for, the animal despite the nasty taste workers have to enjoy the job has an incredibly high satisfaction rate you can own up to forty thousand dollars a year from the job, which is pretty high considering, youre just eating gross food.number 4. bed tester .this has to be the dream or occupation for lazy people bed companies actually pay people thousands of dollars, simply to sleep in their beds ,the test is measured the comfort of the pillows blankets and mattress hotels also hire the testers to test the comfort of their beds, compared to their competitors the job pays from 25 to 40 thousand dollars per year ,just to kick back and relax if anyone, who works a bit company and needs to test is watching this please message me.number 5. golf ball divers. have you ever wondered if all of those straight golf balls are ever retrieved , well these workers are your answer golf ball retrievers or golf ball divers collect golf balls and have been hitting too hard to reach areas such as trees bushes and pond, the job can only thirty to a hundred thousand dollars per year, typically divers are painted around ten cents purple and bring in 2,000 - 5000 balls every day, each year 400 million golf balls are lost or discarded in the US alone so get collecting and become filthy rich. please subscribe for more video updates.

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