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Watch Was this Baba alive for 900 years? In our own country, a yogi named Devarah Baba is said to have said that Baba, who lived for 250 years, some people also say that they are 500 years old and some people say 900 years. However, do not know. Some books and articles written on Baba have been claimed that Baba did not eat food for the rest of his life, then you would have been thinking that what was Baba accounts? They used to drink Yamunas water and consumed juice of milk, honey, and cumin. Not only this, Baba used to claim to be present at two different places. It is said that the Patanjali Yoga was followed by the Siddhi as described in the Yoga Sutras. Baba had many such and other similarities too. One of these was the completion of the water for half an hour without breathing. Not only this, Baba used to understand the language of wild animals. It is said that he used to control dangerous wild animals throughout the moment. Babas devotees were not only ordinary citizens but also great political figures. Who used to go to him to take blessings of Baba many times. Although most of the time these leaders went to Babas Darshan during the elections. Perhaps this is the main reason behind the blessing of victory over Baba. An advocate had claimed that seven generations of his family had seen Deobhar Baba. Baba had told the time of death only 5 years before his body was abandoned. And on 19th May 1990, Baba gave up his den.

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