Click to Watch in HD > A DAY IN A LIFE - Pedicab Driving Challenge (Part 2 of 2) Ft. Food for the Hungry Philippines.

Watch This is a continuation of my Malabon Experience. Beep! Beep! That was the sound that up until now I can’t forget. That beep in the busy street of Malabon City gave me more pressure that leads me pushing my limits. – Jonathan “Tansyong” Orbuda. READ FULL Watch the Part 1 - Food For the Hungry Philippines Facebook - More of my COOL-lit Videos 1. TV Patrol News casting be like – 2. Born This Way Parody- 3. BTS – I Love Tansyong Teaser – 4. Effect Of Beauty and The Beast - You can translate all my videos to your desired language - Click Playlist: 1. BestBite - 2. Bucketlist and Challenges - 3. DANCEsyong - 4. COVER SONGS - 5. iReact - SOCIAL MEDIA : Facebook : Instagram - Twitter - Visit Also My Official Blog

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