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Watch Urbex: Exploring an Abandoned Linoleum Factory (English subtitles are available!) ► Interested in abandoned buildings, “Lost Places” and Urban Exploration (UE)? You have a passion for Geocaching, Bushcraft, Outdoor and more? Be sure to check out our channel and the other videos, too! This place is HUGE! We could have spent days in here… Too bad we only had a couple of hours! Unfortunately there isn’t that much information about this place... In the beginning of the 20th century they’ve started to produce oilcloths and printed linoleum in here. Over one hundred years later the insolvency proceedings were opened (in the end of 2013). One and a half years later passerby spotted chemical substances leaking into the nearby river, others discovered radioactive barrels. So special caution is advised if you’re planning to infiltrate this facility! You will find a historical photo of this factory here: Join BWT (Broken Window Theory) on their adventures in this series called “Explore”. Different than usual people exploring abandoned places are in the focus of every episode and not the place itself. Follow us while we are wandering around, discovering, climbing - while we are urbexing. “Explore” also have a Making Of / Behind the Scenes character - you can get an insight view into the productions of the other BWT series. Music: Lovers Squared - Letter Box Dhaka - Kevin MacLeod Young And Old Know Love - Puddle of Infinity ► Facebook: ► Instagram: Endcard: ► Under the Dome: ABANDONED WATER PARK | Explore - ► VEB Zerma - Abandoned Factory used for Underground Parties | Urbex - #urbex #urbanexploration #abandoned #decay #lostplace Playlists: ► Urbex Videos ► Explore Videos ► Urbex Special Videos ► Urbex Short Videos

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