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Watch As a toku fan,i am proudly to present this video series. If you want to know about henshin or the form of a tokusatsu series, you may check out this video. Dont say what tokusatsu series i am missing, if i have the source,they will in the video. 00:02 Tekkouki Mikazuki Tekkouki Mikazuki Tekkouki Mikazuki Flight Mode Gekkouki Gekkouki 2 Gekkouki 3 Gekkouki 4 Gekkouki 5 Tekkouki Mikazuki Gai Shingetsu Shingetsu-Beast 04:15 Choukuu Douji Wonder Seven Wonder Seven 04:51 Ultraman Cosmos Cosmos Luna Mode Cosmos Corona Mode Cosmos Eclipse Mode Cosmos Space Corona Mode Cosmos Skeleton Corona Mode Cosmos Future Mode Ultraman Justice Justice Crusher Mode Ultraman Legend 07:03 Kamen Rider Agito Agito Ground Form Agito Storm Form Agito Flame Form Agito Trinity Form Agito Burning Form Agito Shining Form Kamen Rider G3 Kamen Rider G3-X Kamen Rider Gills Exceed Gills Kamen Rider Another Agito Victory 1 system Kamen Rider G3 Mild Kamen Rider G4 10:52 Hyakujuu Sentai Gaoranger GaoRed GaoYellow GaoBlue GaoBlack GaoWhite GaoSilver 11:57 Kamen Rider Ryuki Ryuki Uncontract Form Kamen Rider Ryuki Ryuki Survive Form Kamen Rider Knight Knight Survive Form Kamen Rider Scissors Kamen Rider Zolda Kamen Rider Raia Kamen Rider Gai Kamen Rider Ouja Kamen Rider Odin Kamen Rider Tiger Alternative Alternative Zero Kamen Rider Imperer Kamen Rider Verde Kamen Rider Femme Kamen Rider Ryuga 15:35 Ninpu Sentai Hurricaneger HurricaneRed HurricaneBlue HurricaneYellow KabutoRaiger KuwagaRaiger Shurikenger Shurikenger Fire Mode 17:28 Kamen Rider 555 Kamen Rider Faiz Faiz Axel Form Faiz Blaster Form Kamen Rider Kaixa Kamen Rider Delta Riotrooper Kamen Rider Psyga Kamen Rider Orga 19:05 Bakuryuu Sentai Abaranger AbaRed AbareBlue AbareYellow AbaRed Abare Mode AbareBlue Abare Mode AbareYellow Abare Mode AbareBlack Abare Mode AbareKiller Abare Mode AbareMax AbarePink 21:32 Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Live Action Sailor Moon Princess Sailor Moon Sailor Mercury Sailor Mars Sailor Jupiter Saior Venus Sailor Luna Sailor Mercury Sailor V Tuxedo Mask Prince Endymion 27:07 Chouseishin Gransazer Sazer Tairous Sazer Mithras Sazer Lion Sazer Remls Sazer Velsou Sazer Dain Sazer Tawlon Sazer Visuel Sazer Tragos Sazer Gorbion Sazer Pisces Sazer Gans 28:39 Ultraman Boys Colisium Ultraman Boy

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