Click to Watch in HD > बहुत ही तेजी से प्रसिद्ध हो रहा व्रत में आलू के हलवे का प्रसाद ||Aloo ka Halwa Recipe||Fast Recipes

Watch Make the potato halwa very popular on the holy occasion of Navratri.It is very easy to create it.Very little content and time can be easily made in any fast.Make it at home नवरात्र के पावन अवसर पर बहुत ही तेजी से प्रसिद्द होरहे प्रसाद आलू के हलवे को जरुर बनाये|इसे बनाना बहुत ही आसान है|बहुत ही कम सामग्री और समय में इसे किसी भी व्रत में आसानी से बनया जा सकता है| HELLO, MY NAME IS KHUSHBOO VERMA I AM HOST OF THIS CHANNEL. MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL NAME: KHANE KI KHUSHBOO CHANNEL DIRECTOR and OWNER :AMIT RANA MUSIC:YOUTUBE Audio Library VIDEO SHOOT ON GORAKHPUR UP INDIA 273001 THIS RECIPE TITLE IS: बहुत ही तेजी से प्रसिद्ध हो रहा व्रत में आलू के हलवे का प्रसाद,Aloo ka Halwa Recipe,Fast Recipes POTATO PUDDING (AALU KA HALWA) INGREDIANTS: 1-boiled potato 5 2-desi ghee 3 table spoon 3-sugar 1/2 bowl 4-milk 1 bowl 5-cardamom powder 1 tea spoon 6-dry fruits FOR METHOD WATCH FULL VIDEO my channel link for SUBSCRIBE *BLOG Please * Like * Comment* Share * SUBSCRIBE * *Like Us on Facebook GROUP *Like Us on Facebook PAGE *Like Us on CHANNEL DIRECTOR Facebook *Follow us on TwitterA *Follow us on Google+ for more recipe my channel 1- POTATO CHIPS RECIPE 2-how to make potato spring rolls by khushboo verma,POTATO DUMPLING WITH FLOUR 3-tikha lagne par kya kare 4-BAIGAN KI KALONGI IN RECIPE HINDI 5-GULAB JAMUN MIX,How To Make Gulab Jamun at Home, Play all 6 videos Festival special

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