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Watch Am I FLYING in 3D? | Happy Wheels Remake #2 Subscribe to become a RED Warrior: Do You want to fly high in the sky? Well welcome to another short episode of Guts and Glory or the Happy Wheels Remake. We will discover a whole new character and be flying everywhere. Guts and Glory may still be in the alpha stage but I can tell you that it is a great game to pass your time playing. In this video there will be lots of guts and little glory but who cares just watch it. Guts and Glory has a story of a hillbilly who drinks and shoots on deer, so stay tune for the excitement. Last Video: Play Guts and Glory HERE: Music: Sound Effects: Soundtracks: Sound Create: Social Media: Google+: Twitter: Twitch: Guts and Glory alpha | Guts and Glory Game | Happy Wheels Remake -JustREDGaming

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