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Watch Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia where 90 percent of population are farmers and they live at countryside. From the past tills now, most of Cambodian people do fishing in different hunting or catching which base on traditional methods due to fishes are every where, where the water is. In order to get fish some people use their hands, bass fishing, fishing net, fishing tips, fishing knots, trout fishing, walleye fishing, fishing tackle shops and fishing boats so on. People do their fishing for their own food and some do it for business. If they can find more fishes they will sell it to nearby people or to market. Cambodian people, who love fishing, always prepare their fishing tools frequently and go out for fishing at the morning or evening and sometime at night. In this video, these people are using some fishing equipment like hoe, fish keeper, brewers boots to protect their feet and plastic box. Bedside using this fishing equipment they also use their hands (a traditional way) to catch fish directly. To get fish easily they must pour water out from the pond by using plastic box step by step till the water run out of the pond. In this case some people using net or some not use it and wait till water out of the pond then catching them by hands. If you enjoy watching this video please help like and subscribe to our channel to update with our new videos and to give us a prize for making more videos for you. If you have more amazing tips or fishing videos on how to catch fishes to share with our channel, please kindly comment or post your video link below our video. Your comment and video can be a guide for us to follow your fishing style instead. Please enjoy watching this fishing video !! bass fishing / fishing videos / fishing net / bass fishing tips / hunting and fishing / fishing tips / fishing for bass / fishing style / catching fish / fishing videos / fishing / videos big fish / fishing videos catfish / fishing knots / fishing tackle / ice fishing / bass fishing / fly fishing /fishing games / fishing license / game fishing / trout fishing / walleye fishing / fishing supplies / fishing tackle shops/ fishing bait / salmon fishing /bass fishing tips / surf fishing / fishing boats / hunting and fishing / fishing shop /

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