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Watch My Wife and I will be in Siem Reap in January checking out Angkor. Were pumped! We want to take one day just to ride bikes into the countryside with a picnic and go fishing and make friends. there is no reason you can not go fish somewhere; they fish also every time they can; but the technics are with a filet they throw in water: you can go to the roluos group by the small road from siem reap; and continue till you arrive to the harbour to go kompong pluck; there is river where they go fishing; the road is full of small village and house; you can easily get lost but hopefully there is always someone who can show you the way just ask for bakong or kompong pluck and they will show you: the road will be quite bumpy, with bicycle but it s best to go over there; it s the most beautifull place; feel like you ride a time machine; but siem reap is a very small town and there is great roundabout following the river too; and going to chong kneas; except it s nicer to go by the left side of the road; the dusty one; take a look at the pagoda on the way; there is plenty of them along the river: i could not fish by myself but my friend do go all the time; and we eat their treasure after: enjoy your visit.

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