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Watch Video Produced by Hodgeutoo This song, seems to me, to be a collective reflection of a part of history combined as a love song. For sure its blues, all the more one of the most poetically moving songs Ive ever heard. Ive always been a long time fan of Van Morrison, but this has to be my favorite. Ive attempted to convey the poetry with selected images, I also included the lyrics. Ancient Highway - Van Morrison Album - Days Like This Recorded - 1995 Windmill Lane Recording, Dublin, Ireland; The Wool Hall and Real World Studios, Bath, England Producer - Van Morrison Background vocals - Shana Morrison/Brian Kennedy? Ancient Highway contains the words praying to my higher self/Dont let me down. It is said to be the one song on the album where he comes closest to following his muse [ref., Heylin, Can You Feel the Silence?, p. 457] [edit] added tags - 4/13/2014

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