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Watch Check out In The Style Of Angelo Debarre lesson series: Angelo Debarre performs China Boy for DC Music School. Please note, this video is not related to In The Style Of Angelo Debarre. These are strictly performance videos for our youtube channel. Rhythm Guitar: Denis Chang Bass: Paul Van Dyk Angelo Debarre is a French guitarist born into the Django Reinhardt Gypsy tradition. Having lived in a caravan for many decades, he spent his youth performing in France with family and friends. On top of his love for the music of Django Reinhardt, he is also well known for his passion for eastern European music which he discovered in the 80s, when many eastern European Gypsy musicians were performing in Paris at the Roue Fleurie. Today, he is recognized as one of the top Gypsy Jazz guitarists in the world. Check out the following links for news and updates:

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