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Watch Song:Tu Phar Meri Banh Mahiya Singer: Saira Naseem Dance Artest:Anita Multani Stage Dance Video abasia theater bahawalpur More Dance Songs Likns Sania Bhatti Latest Mujra - dhola ve dhola teri ya Iman Shah - tery ishq nachya - BRAND NEW STAGE MUJRA 2017 Amber Khan - Bhul Bakhshawan Aeyan - BRAND NEW STAGE MUJRA 2017 Vicky Babu Production The aim of the organization is to provide fun to watch the likes of your loved ones. We deliver to the songs, movies, telefilms, singer for the shows, stage plays videos in HD quality. Subscribe Our Chanel And Keep watch Our Videos Ower Google+ Link Ower twitter link ower facebook link

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