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Watch The first start hitman: codename 47 Start No. 47 wakes up in a mental institution. Along with the sound teaching practice using weapons, killing 47 officers escaped from the asylum. The cantor then monitor all events until the 47s escape. Along with the sound of laughter. One year later, 47 Contracted International Contract Agency (ICA) by Diana as a contact to delivery. She was sent to the ingenious criminals killed four people in the country is the leader of the gang LeeHong Red Dragon. 2. King Kong stood at drug lord Pablo 3. terrorists in Colombia Austrian named Franz Fuchs, who is in Budapest, Hungary 4. Mr. Boris illegal arms trade. Pending battery Dame in the Netherlands. Each mission has collected 47 letters of each of these twenty people came to see that there were four criminal groups have long relationships. And is part of a group of dark power, which the French Foreign Legion. The arrested men are rats in the text of the letter also appears that Professor Ort Meyer in common with this group. After 47 applications received from Diana in which she said again. The contract for the assassination last is the same as the previous employment. This was the 47th murder of Dr. Kovacs, who worked in mental hospitals in Romania, while 47 missions this assassination. The doctor also said that 47 doctors who inject themselves. And bedlam of a hospital where their escape. And later also learned that Professor Ort Meyer as an assistant for 47 exhausting and also the customers who hired assassin for each other. At that moment, Hospital staff called crazy special forces of Romania immediately. In order to make raid into the bedlam of the brains of 47 at the time was aware of the background to live on his own. The body of the 47 clones From experimental surgery to change it from taking genetic criminals and 4 people. Just kill enough And, moreover, also from the body of 47 hereditary Professor Ort Meyer as well as his father, who was 47 at that time made the result is. Human weakness is unrivaled wireless Professor Ort Meyer keeps his portfolio. Feelin escaped from the hospital. In order to test the ability of 47 in the outside world, which the professor has hired 47 via the ICA and the result is the death of a criminal master all four of them because the four people that want to take advantage of the 47 in the mission. Each one During 47 missions in this madhouse. Also helped CIA named Smith, who was detained. Are drugged and captured by the CIA also took 47 people to the entrance to the secret underground elevator. This is a top secret laboratory of Professor Ort Meyer, too. 47 raids on the secret laboratory, Professor Ort Meyer released the killer cloning experiment, a group of 48 developed the savagery of mind. Honesty and loyalty, but the deal was 47 out. And to confront the professor Ort Meyer. Now pretend professor said he was wrong to let the killer 48 to injure their own children after the professor had to inject 47 to 47, but not return fire until the professor fell. 47 dead professor was told that he would never even think of 47 children. 47 seconds, then bent his neck and died instantly professor.

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