Click to Watch in HD > Asobimashou Super Game Show Ep. 4: Sako Soccer (Team YouTube vs. Team PaperbugTV)

Watch Team YouTube (Wil Dasovich, Cora Waddell, Daniel Marsh and Ranz Kyle ) go up against The PaperbugTV All-Stars (Tricky Ikky, Brian Wilson, Gloco Gaming and Chong) in a game of Super Sako Soccer! This is a Japanese game show, Philippine Style! Lets go! Asobimashou! Check out all the other Asobimashou Episodes! Asobimashou Super Game Show Created By PaperbugTV Subscribe to PaperbugTV! Subscribe to our contestants too! TEAM YOUTUBE Wil Dasovich ( Coraleen Waddell ( Daniel Marsh ( Ranz Kyle ( TEAM PAPERBUGTV Tricky Ikki ( Brian Wilson ( Gloco Gaming ( Chong (

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