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Watch Atheist Life After Death Testimonies One of the most powerful testimonies of hell that anyone can give is an Atheist. The majority of the world believes in a creator, so convincing them that hell exists is like preaching to the choir. However, atheists believe that when we die, we basically cease to exist and are food for worms. I have noticed a pattern with testimonies of Hell. God seems to gently show people of other religions that he (Christ) is the one true God, but with Atheists, he yanks their chain pretty hard and allows them to see or at least experience a taste of hell. Maybe he has to do this because Atheists are typically very prideful, arrogant and stubborn about their beliefs, or lack of belief. Either way, when an atheist goes to hell, comes back and has instantly transformed into a devout Christian, it is definitely worth watching and considering. Why would many professed Atheists say there is a hell, unless they have actually gone to hell. Atheist Life After Death Testimonies

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