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Watch 👉👉👉 GET MY STUFF AND SUPPORT THE CHANNEL: I will show you how to create audio spectrum with a character in After Effects. Its easy way to make objects bounce to the hip hop beat. If you want to learn how to draw character like this check out the channel tutorials. Enjoy the After Effects Tutorial. ;) ***************************** 100 Flat Design Characters: 2D Animation and Flat Design Illustration Course: 2D Game Character Animation ( EASY COURSE ) ***************************** Popular Gigantic Videos: Character Rigging - After Effects Tutorial How To Draw A Flat Design Face ( Audio Spectrum Friendly ) Learn How to Draw Character in Adobe Illustrator ( Audio Spectrum Friendly ) How to Draw a Character Turnaround ( Audio Spectrum Friendly ) How To Draw A Body ( Audio Spectrum Friendly ) How To Draw Animals ( Audio Spectrum Friendly ) How To Draw A Hair ( Audio Spectrum Friendly ) ***************************** Subscribe Share your Gigantic works - Facebook Instagram Dribbble ***************************** Music: Ice Flow Kevin MacLeod (

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