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Watch Aulad Zinda Rehne Ka Wazifa Aulad Ki Khawahish Rakhne Wale Parhain FOR MORE VIDEOS SUBSCRIBE OUR CHANNEL: Islamic wazaif Channel: The translation of the arabic word ‘wazifa’ into english means “to employ”. However, the term wazifa is more commonly used to refer to the practice of reciting some verses or phrases to seek a specific favour or reward. In sufism, the term refers to the evocation of qualities of allah by reciting or meditating on some or all of the 99 names of Allah. Wellcome to the world of Islamic wazaif,the name of community in which we presents Islamic wazaif in the light of holy Quran. These wazaif also includes the names of Allah(s.w.t). in present era all muslims of world are faceing different sorts of problems and these islamic wazaif which are derived from the holy Quran and the names of allah are playing vital role in solving the problems of muslims. Every person being a muslim has a strong and firm believe in these islamic wazaifs becouse these are considered the vital part of a muslim’s life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow us on Twitter: like Our Page On Facebook: Join Our Community on Googl+: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thanks for watching this video and be sure that you have subscribed to our channel and liked this video if you enjoyed and comment on this video. We will come back again with many other helpful videos. Islamic wazaif | wazifa Islam | wazifa in Islam | wazaif books | Islamic wazifa | Qurani wazaif in urdu | islamic wazaif in urdu | wazaif in Islam | Qurani wazaif | wazaif in urdu | wazefe | wazaif | wazaif Qurani | rohani wazaif | wazifa in urdu.

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