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Watch Learn to play Autumn Leaves on guitar! I made an easy chord melody guitar arrangement for you :-) Detailed and easy to follow. TABS: Easy chord melody arrangement lesson for jazz guitar: Chord melody is a style, that allows you to play the melody and the chords simultaniously or alternating. I`ve chosen a mixture of these styles, so it`s easier to play. Autumn Leaves for chord melody guitar: Autumn Leaves is one of the most popular jazz standards. It has a long tradition in history. It is originated as a communist song theme, then it turned into a french chanson and now is well known as a jazz standard. Please let me know, which jazz standard you would like to learn next on guitar! I will upload more easy jazz guitar standard, like this one. Chord melody guitar lesson: Chord melody guitar is not always that easy, but i try to make really easy arrangements for jazz guitar, so you succed. ****************************************************************** Please like this video! Please subscribe to my channel: My Instagram: Enjoy, Sandra :-)

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