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Watch Cutest baby ever! Leo fights to stay awake. He just loves smiling at his Mummy. How can you not fall in love with this little dude! NB: For anyone concerned about the positioning of the carseat and the untightened straps: Here in UK, car seats are permitted in the front seat as long as there are no airbags fitted or at least deactivated. This was our old car - Hyundai Accent. There were no airbags fitted on the passenger side. Before I started the engine, Leos straps were tightened securely and we made our journey in safety. Thank you to all those who have raised concerns about this point. I know you all have Leos interests at heart. Leo is now 4 years old, travels around in a BMW X3 and a Recaro carseat. He loves dancing (please see Leos other clips) and being cute! I am incredibly lucky to have 2 lovely boys, Rion and Leo. It has been such a wonderful experience to share this moment with you all and to have such beautiful comments and well wishes. Thank you all for watching. With love, Lisa XXX

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