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Watch 9 months ago I was in struggle in learning how to cycle. I couldnt pedal and balance at the same time, there were too many things for me to worry about. I fell a couple of times and I thought that cycling was just a bad idea and it wasnt for me. Good thing that dad has good friends in his workplace, Boss Amat in particular who knows a trick on how to start right. He suggested that my dad has to buy a bicycle without pedal so I can focus on one thing at a time. My dad removed the pedals of my existing bike instead because it is cheaper than buying another. To focus more on my balancing Boss Amat came up with another idea, he said that my dad should buy me a scooter. Because scooter is lower and closer to the ground than the bicycle, I learned how to balance on it first. After 9 months of mastering how to balance on both bicycle and scooter I am finally ready how to really cycle with pedals. 😊 Learning something new is a lot of fun. I know 9 months was not the quickest time to master something but just like what a wise man said It doesnt matter how slow you go as long as you do not stop.

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