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Watch Went back to Beijing for a visit, and all we did was eat. Suggested food are our own opinion. rou jia mo - “meat burger or meat sandwich, is a street food originating from Shaanxi Province you po mian/biang biang mian - Biángbiáng noodles, also known as, are a type of noodle popular in Chinas Shaanxi province. The noodles, touted as one of the ten strange wonders of Shaanxi, are described as being like a belt, owing to their thickness and length kao jin zhen gu - grilled enoki mushrooms wrapped in tofu skin kao yang rou chuanr - grilled lamb kebab kao nang - grilled flatbread with cumin bocai hua sheng/guo ren bo cai - spinach peanut salad lao hu cai - cucumber and coriander salad pidan dofu - silky tofu and century egg leng mian - cold noodles jian bing - savory pancake ribs at trainspotting - a must try baozi (try all types) - a variety of buns filled with pork, veggies, eggs, meat, pickles. etc. These are suggestions as we enjoy eating these every day. There are so many other types of Chinese food, like Beijing yogurt, Beijing Duck, and so much more. Read here: Follow:

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