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Watch Ada 1001 cara agar otak kita jadi lebih pintar. Tapi, benarkah mendengarkan musik klasik adalah salah satunya? Enjoy the video! --- Tanyakan pertanyaan aneh anda disini! NGGA ada pertanyaan yang bodoh! Kok Bisa ngga cuma sekedar mencoba menjawab pertanyaan-pertanyaan yang terlihat bodoh, aneh dan dungu disini, tapi juga mencoba menumbuhkan rasa keingintahuan anda terhadap segala hal di dunia ini. Jadi tunggu apalagi? Ayo subscribe, lets watch the videos and go curiosity! --- FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions): Q: Min, upload tiap hari apa? A: Tiap hari Rabu. Tapi kadang-kadang ada video yang butuh waktu pembuatan lebih lama. So, stay tuned! Q: Min, animasinya pake software apa? A: Adobe after effects Q: MIN, KENAPA DI VIDEONYA ADA BAKSONYA TERUS!? A: Bakso is inspiration *wink --- Follow our social media for more updates, stuff and facts! Facebook: Instagram: Line: Twitter: --- For business inquiries: [email protected] --- Referensi: VIDEO Does clasical music makes us smarter? BUKU Lilienfeld, S.O., Lynn, S.J., Ruscio, J., and Beyerstein, B.L. (2010). 50 great myths of popular psychology: Shattering widespread misconceptions about human behaviour. West Sussex: Willey-Blackwell. WEB, ARTIKEL, JURNAL Not only classical music that makes you smart, it’s about alertness How classcial music makes you smarter Jurnal ttg psikologi kognitif terhadap musik Penelitian jurnal nature Does mozart makes you smarter? Mozart effect How music affect our emotion Arousal, mood, and the Mozart effect. Apa itu polypeptide Mozart effect web --- References and Credits: - (references) - Kevin MacLeod for awesome music - Sunshinelammi from Reddit, for this episodes end narrator ( - Freepik for awesome graphics - And a massive THANK YOU to everyone for watching this and for all of your support!

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