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Watch Fukuoka was magical, zen and mysterious, like the buzz the wind has after a hard rain. Watch out for the full guide on my blog. Check out my new game on the Google Play Store! Please subscribe! Full post on twitter/ig: erwanheussaff snapchat: erwanheussaff Please leave us a comment if you want us to try something! Erwan Heussaff -------PLAYLISTS-------- Check our new Travel Show Overnight! Cooking in the Mountains! Filipino Favourites Quaker Power Meals How To Playlist: Quick Hacks and easy to do recipes Home Invasions: I go see what my friends are up to in their kitchens! The Fat Kid Inside Healthy Series: Simple, healthy recipes! A Balanced Day Of Healthy Eating: Quick videos of what I ate today Taste and Chaub: A food porn show and how do Chefs and Food and Drink Industry Players define Taste. Bottled Up: Cocktails at Home Liquored Manila: Cocktails from Bartenders in Manila The Food Show: My First properly shot series Flavours from the Philippines: A Taste of my homeland Colorful Cooking: Mari Jasmine teaches us some vegetable filled recipes

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