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Watch For this episode of Overnight, we head off to Osaka and explore what the city has to offer for the weekend or a short stay traveler. Find out where to eat, drink, party and have fun. Things to look out for in the video: 1. What does a grown man do in an arcade? 2. Maria Ozawa teaches us how to eat sushi. 3. I wear cat ears and hang out in a maid cafe. 4. Food and lots of it. Watch out for the guide on Next month! Osaka! Shot by the amazing people in Seabiscuit Films Overnight is Presented by CEBU PACIFIC Check out my new game on the Google Play Store! Please subscribe! Full post on twitter/ig: erwanheussaff snapchat: erwanheussaff Please leave us a comment if you want us to try something! Erwan Heussaff -------PLAYLISTS-------- Check our new Travel Show Overnight! Cooking in the Mountains! Filipino Favourites Quaker Power Meals How To Playlist: Quick Hacks and easy to do recipes Home Invasions: I go see what my friends are up to in their kitchens! The Fat Kid Inside Healthy Series: Simple, healthy recipes! A Balanced Day Of Healthy Eating: Quick videos of what I ate today Taste and Chaub: A food porn show and how do Chefs and Food and Drink Industry Players define Taste. Bottled Up: Cocktails at Home Liquored Manila: Cocktails from Bartenders in Manila The Food Show: My First properly shot series Flavours from the Philippines: A Taste of my homeland Colorful Cooking: Mari Jasmine teaches us some vegetable filled recipes

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