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Watch BIG FISH | Amazing Net Fishing in Battambang | Fishing Big Fish in Cambodia This video show about two brother fishing big fish in Cambodia ======Follow Cambo Fishing====== Facebook: Google+: Blogger: ======Watch More Videos====== Net Fishing in Cambodia - Cast Net Fishing at Battambang Province Amazing Fishing Net - Best Fishing Man in The World Net Fishing - Amazing Traditional Net Fishing - Cambodia Net Fishing Thai Net Fishing - Thai Cast Net Fishing - Thai Traditional Net Fishing Casting Net Fishing | Amazing Pamba Fishing at Hometown River AMAZING NET FISHING | Khmer Traditional Fishing | Cambodia Giant Fishing AMAZING THAI FISHING | Thai Traditional Fishing​​​ | Thai Net Fishing ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬Description▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ Net Fishing in Cambodia Fishing is an important sector for people’s business in Cambodia. The people in this country like eating fresh water fish. Beside from serving local food, Cambodia has exported fish to other countries like China and some ASEAN countries. Moreover, Cambodian people like using net to fish because it can provide huge amount of fish. There three kind of nets fishing that the people like to use in their areas: a throw net which is used throughout any season, a long net which can be pulled along the water, and a mosquito net that is used for fast running stream. The popular one is the throw net. It is needed one boat for throwing net. The fisherman have to spend much time on their boat in order to catch the fish, so the fishermen should be good swimming. The reason is that after throwing the net, they need to swim underwater and collect the fish in their throwing net. Some fishermen have spent around fourteen hours on their boat to catch the fish. Some people prefer to use long net which they can drag through the water. This kind of net need time to collect the fish, but the fishermen do not need to spend time with this long net like throwing net because they just drag it along the river and come to collect the fish. Some fishermen try to put the long net in the far or different areas to get much amount of fish for feeding their family and their business. The last kind of net that Cambodian people like to use is the mosquito net. This kind of net is a bit similar to the long net, but the mosquito net has smaller hole that can catch smaller fish. In addition, the people like to it when there are fast running streams, and they just keep it until the time for the fishermen to collect the fish. The mosquito net is illegal in some areas because it also can catch the small fish that is one way of damaging the amount of fish. Hashtag: #big-fish #big #fish #fishing #net-fishing BIG FISH | Amazing Net Fishing in Battambang | Fishing Big Fish in Cambodia | catch fishing | fishing videos | fishing big fish | big fish media | big fish tour | Amazing Net Fishing in Battambang | Fishing Big Fish in Cambodia | fishing 2016 | big fish 2016 | how to fishing big fish | khmer fishing | khmer net fishing | cambodia fishing | deep hole fishing | fishing with bottle in river | net fishing in battambang | traditional fishing in cambodia

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