Click to Watch in HD > Bike से Dead Body ले जाने पर DM गुस्से में, नप गए अस्पताल प्रभारी

Watch DM gets angry at the dead body, taken from Bike, in-charge hospital charge DM Kundan Kumar has taken cognizance in the case of carrying a dead childs dead body when he did not get the ambulance. On the instructions of DM, Dr. Surinder Kumar Mahto, Civil Surgeon, Dr. Yogendra Prasad Mandal has been removed with immediate effect from the responsibility of the medical officer in charge of the referral hospital and the evacuation officer. The Medical Officer of the hospital Dr. SD Mandal has been made CCTORIA and Additional Primary Health Center, Jamdah, in-charge medical officer cum clearance and expenditure officer. Dr. SD Mandal has been instructed to communicate the undersigned by taking charge within twenty four hours. The DM has also instructed the Civil Surgeon to investigate this serious case and take immediate action. In addition, CS has asked the medical officer in charge of Referral Hospital, Katori, Dr. Yogendra Prasad Mandal and Health Manager Bharat Bhushan Chaudhary to clarify within 12 hours. If the explanation is not satisfactory, action will be taken to create a dismissal and form-a. Since the district administration had already guided all the in-charge medical officer to arrange immediate ambulance to take the dead body home. While there is no ambulance, vehicles available under alternate arrangements should not be provided. If not doing this, it will be considered as inexplicable defect.

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