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Watch A balls to the wall, bone crunching action film through and through.This film follows two Bounty hunters on a mission to take down one man, only to be ambushed, and forced to fight their way to the top. Directed by our good friend Kasimir, its been a blast helping him shoot and edit his passion project from the ground up. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did making it. Do share, like and comment. Directed by: Kasimir Cieslak Poh Choreography by: Kasimir Cieslak Poh, Peps Goh Yi Chong Produced, Cinematography and Post Production: What Productions - Alistair Quak, Benjamin Low VFX: Richard Lee Featuring: Kasimir Cieslak Poh Jeroen Ow THE DANGERGENE Gene Whitlock Alvin Richard James Takada Peps Goh Yi Chong Nachos Nyan Lin Cho Samuel Lim Valentino Tan Hong Wei Kent Lee Joon Joseph Chai - Ong Zhong Li Dickson Tjipto Rayner Chua Seraphina Lum Zachery Yap Mickey Ng Alistair Quak Mickey Ng Special Thanks: Lim Kai Vearn Leon Tai JKHH Films Your momma

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