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Watch Zene: Varga Norbert, Lukács Levente Szöveg: Kéri András, Mc Zeek, Dynamite MC Mastering: AMB Available on: iTunes: Beatport: Deezer: Spotify: Follow Brains: Webshop: Lyrics: Its been a long time coming but were finally here know the deal..proper skill I aint try no wait no longer cause I can see the world is mine your never gonna stop my hunger your never gonna stop my shine I just want to take this higher the roof cant hold me yeah time to set the dance on fire cause we where born to win from London to BP speed it to the area drop all you worries and listen what we telling yah well some of them ah say me ah born inna this but none of them see that me ah real specialist me used to work a lot but you have just critics I know you like my flow you want to know why its so ruff because I live with the bass I walk with the bass I sleep with the bass and wake up with the bass the bass is something I would never replace in my life it guides me thru time and space you were born to win I was born to win we were born to win It starts within when you awaken to the fact that you been sleeping for ages mentally settling for them minimum wages when you been hiding all you life behind cynical phrases and been polluting what you doing with that chemical waistage so you start to feel the weight of all them days you waisted and you ready to smash the locks on your cage is the need to be stepping up them spiritual stages give thanks and praises and let them biracles blaze this Hallgasd meg a további számokat is az új albumról: Iratkozz fel a BRAINS csatornájára, hogy ne maradj le az újdonságokról: Likeold a BRAINS Facebook oldalát: A Brains Magyarország legsikeresebb elektronikus zenét játszó koncertzenekara: a rendkívül sikeres nagyszínpados fesztiválfellépések és az országszerte teltházas klubkoncertjeik igazolják a csapat helyét a hazai és nemzetközi zenei palettán.

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